Our ALUMNI SHOOT in South Africa went off without a hitch.

Students Todd Fisher, Xavier Carillo, Gene and Jacob Kelly, Cliff Neuse and Jonathan Holland joined us on this world class hunt. We hunted in the Orange Free State with my longtime friend and PH Hein Funk.


2016 Alumni Team.
Back row L-R Todd, Gene, Jacob, Cliff, Jonathan, Hein, Darrell, Rosita, Ann and Xavier


Once zero’s were confirmed we divide up in pairs and headed into the Savanna. The region is very arid with rolling hills and plenty of rock outcroppings. Mornings were cool, with temps in the mid-high 30s, warming in the afternoon to 65-70 degrees.
The area we hunted encompasses roughly 90,000 acres and it was refreshing to never see another hunter during the day. Each pair of hunters had their own region to hunt and daily walks were 6-11 miles a day.

Typical terrain we hunted in. Large vistas, rolling hills and plenty of rocks.
Perfect spot and stalk opportunities.

Todd Fisher made the comment one night that a trip like this offered the “new hunter” a chance to gain decades worth of hunt experience (if he/she hunted in the States and had to draw tags) in the 10 days we were there. If you bought the 10 day, 24 animal package, there was never a day that you did not see at least 50-100 animals of different species and have the opportunity to shoot at least 2 animals per day. This amounts to a lot of stalking practice, paying close attention to the wind, walking quiet and other field craft skills. How many North American hunts offer such opportunities and experience?
Evenings were spent telling hunting stories and dining on superb meals prepared by Hein’s wife Marietjie.


Breakfast was served at 6:30 AM and most hunters hit the road by 7:00 and did not return until dark. Lunch was served in the field. All hunts were spot and stalk, there was no shooting from a vehicle.


Gourmet meals for dinner every night, Weight gain anyone?