What does Darrell carry in his pack?


  1. My Lightning Strike Fire Starter. Without a doubt, the most important item to carry. It keeps me warm in an emergency, can be used to make a signal fire or cook the day’s kill if necessary. I add extra tinder (my new NAPALM Tinder). More about this item
  2. Knife and flashlight. Who hunts without a knife, Vegans? I dine on protein, so I carry a knife. I carry two knives in face: my hunting knife and a Swiss Army “Camper” model. I like the MINI Army tech flashlight which uses “AA” batteries and is quite bright, waterproof and long lasting. I carry two extra “AA” batteries.
  3. Shelter Tarp. I carry a rip-stop nylon tarp that I can use to make a shelter in tough conditions. Grommets all around allow great tie-downs.
  4. MINI Hatchet and SILKY Saw. These two items can be used to make a small house/shelter, gather large amounts of fire wood and quarter up large animals, if need be. If I plan on spending the night, I take my pruning shears, I can use these to cut cedar/fir boughs to make a comfortable bed in a hurry. They are much faster than any other tool in my pack.
  5. Aluminum tent stakes (6) and 20 Penny Nails (4). Can be used to build a shelter, hang items, etc. Handy but not absolute.
  6. LARGE heavy-duty plastic garbage bags. I carry the HEFTY brand large plastic bags/ they can be used to protect meat, serve as quickie rain gear, or can be used to keep warm if you can’t get a fire going.
  7. Small Zip-Lock bags. I carry two 1-gallon bags and four HD/freezer quart bags. Buy Zip-Lock brand not cheap junk.
  8. Para-Cord. I carry a lot of para-cord and use different colors for specific applications. Carry at least 50 feet of cord. I carry 3 different colors totaling around 125 feet.
  9. Tin cup. (actually stainless steel) used to cook in, gather water, or beg for alms.
  10. Small First Aid Kit containing the following: Band-Aids, Neosporin, Benadryl, Tylenol and alcohol wipes. One Quick-Clot bandage, which I hope I never need to use.
  11. Field dressing kit. Latex gloves, handi-wipes, paper towels.
  12. Wool stocking cap, compass, water bottle, Rhino radio/GPS, and ResQ-Link beacon. Hopefully I never have to use either.
  13. Ammo Tote allowing me to carry and extra 20 rounds of ammunition. Going afield with just the ammo in your gun is a BAD IDEA!!! This item in our store
  14. Some optional items to consider. Small marine flare for signaling in the event of rescue. Drinking straw water filter. These are essential items if you are using this pack as a bug-out bag! An addition would be a 12×12 inch square of Reynolds Aluminum foil. Use the thick heavy duty material, use it to signal in an emergency and also as a fire pit when necessary.