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We believe that the top hunters in the world have historically been let down by the tools available to them. Darrell Holland's life quest has been researching, building and providing the very best rifles, gear and guidance.

Compassionate and ethical gamesmen recognize that the limits of their capacity often rest on the ability of their tools. Darrell's work has focused on improving these tools and techniques, gathering the best of breed, and providing the coaching needed. A hunter with the one gun, prepared and confident in his craft.

We believe the best can be elusive. Darrell Holland has dedicated his life to researching, testing, and providing the very best for today's top hunters. Excellence in the field requires, tools, training, and experience.

For those who have decided to be the best.

Holland's Long Range Shooting School

Our Trained Staff Will Provide Detailed Instruction And Practical Exercises

Our trained staff will provide detailed instruction on choosing the right equipment for the situation. An important factor in attending school is learning what works and what doesn't in the field. The dinosaurs died out thousands of years ago, therefore, large ass- kicking magnums are not required to kill big game animals. Most students come to school over-gunned with vicious recoiling rifles which impedes the learning process. If you are not taking advantage of our rental guns we recommend bringing a .308, .708, 6XC, 6.5 Creedmoor, .270, .280 or 30.06 rifle.
Virtually all students do not understand how to properly clean and maintain their rifle for optimum performance on the range or in the field. We follow a strict cleaning regimen showing you the proper techniques to remove accuracy robbing copper and carbon fouling from your barrel. Cocking-cam and Locking-lug maintenance are covered in great detail. Action screw torquing, scope maintenance and trigger care are covered as well.
In this modern age, most hunters and shooters have become infected with gadget-itis. They have become too dependent on laser range finders and other gizmos to provide a firing solution. Lasers fail due to fog, rain, sleet, snow, poor reflectivity and battery related issues. When this happens, you need a better technique to judge range in the field than Mark-One eyeball. We provide advance ranging techniques using your rifle scopes reticle and at the end of the four-day program, students will be confident they can range and kill big game animals to 450 yards or more using these valuable techniques.
At Holland's, each student is taught a good foundation regarding ballistics and environmental conditions they are apt to encounter in the field. A reasonable amount of time is spent in the classroom showing the effects of altitude, temperature, gravity and wind on the rifle bullet. We feel this education is important as it provides a foundation for more advanced training and learning. Our 140 page Shooters Notebook provides the student with proven formulas and techniques for application in the field.
Shooting beyond a person’s initial zero in the rifle requires adjusting the point of impact based upon the trajectory curve of your cartridge. Understanding and using the Minute-Of-Angle method of correction is faster and more accurate than a Mil based technique. Range finding is easier and most students can do it in their head. Shot correction is also faster since the average American shooter understands inches over centimeters when a correction is necessary. Advanced Reticle Technology is a Minute-Of-Angle based shooting system that students will come to understand and enjoy on day one! No other Reticle system affords the accuracy of Darrell Holland's Reticle Designs.
Wind doping skills are what separate the men from the boys. Gravity is a constant that we can plot with tax collection preciseness. Doping the wind however, requires knowledge, understanding and most of all EXPERIENCE! Darrell Holland will teach you his time proven techniques and all of the subtleties he has perfected over decades of long-range training and hunting in the field. Coach Holland has designed an MOA Reticle for spotting scopes and all students will have the opportunity to view targets and call correction during class using this reticle technology. Shooter spotter correction is an important aspect of this training and can be passed along to your guide when hunting in the field. Do not expect your guide to know or understand much about shooting in the wind., Be sure and educate him or her prior to the hunt as to what actions are required during windy conditions.
Sit around the campfire and ask fellow hunters if they have ever missed an uphill or downhill shot, and I am confident a show of hands will provide the answer. Whether we are shooting uphill or downhill, all shots will go high and need to be compensated for. Darrell Holland's Ballistic Data Card Maker simplifies this confusing dilemma and provides the shooter with direct read and fire MOA or Mil correction. Learn the quick fix technique for shot angles of 30, 45 and 60 degrees. Understand why a more precise formula is required when engaging targets beyond 400-450 yards. Don't be mislead by cosine calculations when making the long-shot at steep uphill/downhill angles. Holland's Ballistic Software is included in your training program and not only provides you the Data-Card Technology, but you will also enjoy the 25 video clips making you a better shot and hunter.
On day four of your training, we will cover Advanced Shooting Techniques for your future growth and development. At this point, 99% of all students are overwhelmed with the knowledge and information covered in four days of shooting. With these advanced techniques, we recommend practicing at home and when you feel confident in your abilities, consider attending one of our Alumni Courses. Another option is to return for an Advanced Shooting School and have Coach Holland refine these techniques. Keep in mind our advanced course is very difficult and not for the faint of heart. If you are interested in this Advanced Training, please call and spend a few minutes with Coach Holland before sending your deposit. Most students prefer a private tutorial for their Advanced Training, allowing tremendous repetition that is required to get your technique PERFECT!
Our Hassle Free Option is overlooked by many students. If you have the right gear to attend our Long Range Shooting program, no worries. However, each year, against our advice, students bring ass-kicking magnums and low powered scopes without reticle technology or any external means to change elevation or windage correction. Why spend the time and money to come to school and be hampered with equipment challenges? This is ridiculous! Rent a class gun and set aside all equipment related issues. Enjoy mild recoil, excellent accuracy, crisp light triggers, world class optics, adjustable combs and ergonomically designed rifles. Our class guns have taken home the Top Gun "Hat" more than any other rifle/scope combination. Call for details and caliber selection and bypass the hassles of flying with firearms and ammunition.

Darrell Holland has perfected the art of Long Range Shooting and has taught students worldwide for over 20 years. His special training techniques and curriculum are second to none in the industry. If you are looking for a personal shooting coach to improve your hunting and shooting skills, look no further than Darrell Holland. His students successes around the world speak for themselves. Becoming the "SHOT YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE" is a phone call away!

Our commitment to students ensures personalized training and attention to detail during their stay with us. We limit our class sizes to six to seven students allowing plenty of personal attention. Other schools may have as many as 20 students on the line all firing mindlessly downrange, confused and dismayed at their inability to hit their target. On day one, students will have hit targets to 400 yards and understand the reason why. Come as a student and leave as part of the Holland Long Range Shooting Family.

What is the point of making noise and launching bullets downrange if we can't hit our target? Darrell Holland has been an early pioneer in perfecting the art of Long Range Shooting. His critical thinking and creative techniques have allowed students to exceed their wildest expectations. Understand energy transfers, rifle modifications and the importance of "Perfect" position behind the rifle. Our philosophy is NEVER MISS! Are you ready to take the challenge?

All shooting is done under realistic outdoor conditions at
our Oregon-based training site. We shoot under
the same conditions you may encounter in the field.
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