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5-25 x 56 PMII Holland 1/4 Illuminated



5-25 x 56 PMII Holland 1/4 Illuminated

The 5-25 Schmidt & Bender is the ultimate rifle scope by anyone’s standards. 34mm main tube, 56mm OBJ bell, and double-turn dials (with lock-outs) allow you to shoot into the next zipcode if necessary. Unbelievable clarity and resolution, this scope is the choice of serious riflemen worldwide. Featuring Advanced Reticle Technology (ART) 30MOA reticle with illuminated dot for low-light conditions.

As a simple introduction, study the ART reticle and its dimensional break-down. The reticle above the horizontal wire is graduated in 1.0 MOA increments, creating a precision range-finder in the event of laser failure. All aiming references below the horizontal wire are in 1.5 MOA increments. Our numbers 3-30 MOA allow for fast reference in the field, eliminating MOA counting errors. This reticle pattern is available in 1st and 2nd focal plane scopes by Leupold and Schmidt & Bender.

Advanced Reticle Technology lets you shoot ANY BULLET at ANY MUZZLE VELOCITY, under ANY ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITION with ANY ZERO you choose! No other reticle design allows you such versatility and precision in long range shooting. No gimmics, no tricks, just shoot to the MOA or Mil correction required.

It’s that EASY!

Advanced Reticle Technology eliminates dialing for 99% of all your big game hunting needs. You may also use the elevation and windage knobs to ADD to the reticle’s aiming references. Since they are in minutes of angle, they speak the SAME language.

Nothing is faster or more accurate than ART, GUARANTEED!

Welcome to what is simply the easiest and most accurate range compensation reticle in the world today.














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