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Have you ever considered having a PRIVATE SHOOTING COACH?  I’ve noticed that when it comes to shooting in a group setting, some shooters become self-conscious about their abilities.  Worry no more!  Let Darrell Holland be your personal SHOOTING COACH.

In talking with hunting guides and outfitters from around the world, their biggest complaint is hunters who can’t shoot when the MOMENT of Truth arrives. Missed or wounded game can sour the hunting experience in a hurry, as well as drain your pocket book.  Many of you reading this may have experienced this performance anxiety, resulting in a bad outcome.

Coach Holland has trained hundreds of shooters from around the world in the art of long range shooting.  Fortune 500 executives to the common man have all benefitted from private tutorials. One-on-one instruction produces FAST results and eliminates the inherent limitations of a large class environment.  You get detailed instruction on your strengths and weaknesses, and progress is not limited by time constraints.

Become the guy the guide talks about: the one who made the most impressive shot he’s seen in decades. Have confidence in shooting at any uphill/downhill angle without guessing “where to hold.” Impress your friends with your ability to “smoke” targets to 500 yards in a matter of seconds.

Coach Holland’s unique curriculum and training methods produce results above and beyond other schools with a Drill Sergeant mentality. Patience, understanding, education and performance are what you are looking for.  You didn’t sign-up to get yelled at, do push-ups or run around the field with your gun overhead.

We can adjust our training schedule to accommodate your time away from work and family. Grab the calendar and give me a ring. You can expect the training days to be long, but the rewards will be off the scale.  Don’t blow the shot of a lifetime because you were unprepared for the task at hand. Big game trophies are hard to come by; availability and opportunities are becoming more difficult every year. Make the choice to be the BEST marksman and hunter in your peer group.

Coach Holland provides you with an education that will last a lifetime, allowing you to put more trophies on the wall.

Your success is just a phone call away!

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  1. Site Admin

    Turns out that New Mexico unit is considered a hunt for migratory deer coming out of the mountains just a few miles north in Colorado. That migration does not start until the snow falls. Well, it was actually hot, 80 degrees on opening day, and there was not a speck of snow anywhere. My guide called me before I got on my plane and told me that I would be able to shoot a deer, but without the snow the big deer would not be found. I decided to go anyway, if only to see what New Mexico hunting was like, and to be able to hunt with my new Holland .280 Rem! I had worked up many different loads and had to work out some kinks in my new Nightforce scope. After 130 rounds and seemingly endless sessions of bore cleaning, I ended up with a 1/2” best 5-shot group at 200 yards with average group being 7/8.” MV was 2886fps (LabRadar) with Nosler 168gr LR Accubond.
    I printed my range cards out to 500 yards, believing there was little chance of me trying to shoot a deer at any range beyond that.
    On the first day of the hunt we saw lots of deer, including plenty of “shootable” bucks at fairly close range – under 300 yards – but no deer I would hang on a wall.
    The second day was also sunny and very warm. My guide and I were on opposite sides of the top of a tall butte, but only about 100 yards apart, glassing a valley floor as well as the hillsides of forested buttes about a half-mile away. After a morning of watching more of the skinny racks we had seen the previous day, my guide called me on the radio and told me to come look at a buck he was watching. I grabbed my rifle and trudged on over to his position. He told me he had been watching this buck for awhile but he could not figure out a way to put a stalk on him. He was at our exact elevation but in the forest on the side of a steep hill 700 yards away. He had a great view of us and a great view of the open valley between us as well.

    I looked at him through the spotting scope. He was a nice buck but not the one I had initially come to New Mexico to shoot. My guide told me that given the weather it was likely to be the biggest buck we would see on this trip. I got down prone with my rifle on a bipod. It was late in the afternoon and the sun was low in the sky and shining straight onto my eye. There was so much glare I could barely define the trees out at 700 yards much less see the buck. My guide had a poncho in his pack which he threw over me. In the resulting dark cocoon I fancied myself as a USMC sniper! I finally found the deer in the scope, just as he bedded down. His position was butt toward me so I chose to wait until he got back up. My guide must have asked me a half dozen times: “Do you think you can make that shot? It’s 694 yards!”
    My range card only went out to 500 yards so I paid attention to the drop from 3 to 4 and from 4 to 5, noticing both the amount of drop as well as the rate of increase of the drop and estimated that I needed about 13.25 MOA of elevation which I dialed in. There was no wind at my location nor at the buck’s location but the bullet was going to be flying 300’ above the floor of the valley and I was worried about the wind up there but felt there was nothing I could do about it.
    After about 30 minutes in his bed, the buck got up, shook himself like my dog, and presented a perfect broadside. I took the shot, completely forgetting to stay on the deer and when I finally got back focused the deer was not to be found. I was stewing in my misery when my guide screamed “I can’t believe it! He’s dead!”
    It turned out that there was no wind and my math was close to perfect. I hit that deer exactly 5” above my point of aim. He dropped dead and rolled about 5 yards down the hill.
    Thank you Darrell for the great long-range training, the training in how to make truly excellent hand-loads, and for making such an amazing rifle for me! I’ll send you some photos in a different message.

    -Paul Z.

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