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Holland’s Signature Series Custom Rifle with custom action


Finally, a rifle with design features that represent thought rather than mindless adherence to tradition. Holland Signature Series™ rifle’s are custom tailored to the individual with total performance in mind. Our adjustable comb stock allows the shooter to fit the comb height for perfect alignment to the rifle scope. This provides the best stock weld possible creating a solid, repeatable shooting position. The comb is ambidextrous and features a single take down screw, no unsightly knobs and bolts to adjust.

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Each Holland Custom Rifle is meticulously hand-crafted. Action blueprinting, Holland’s Competition recoil lug, Holland oversize firing pin and Jewell trigger are standard equipment. Our SIGNATURE SERIES™ fiberglass stock is the finest offering on the market.The high comb, palm swell, deluxe checkering and and 3/8″ cast-off provide the shooter with excellent stock weld and lightning fast handling. The barreled action is pillar bedded on 82º counterbored columns, with our special screws. This unique anti-rotational bedding system provides more consistent torquing and repeatability than conventional pillared systems. Each rifle is fitted with a Kick-Eez contoured recoil pad and cut to customer specified L.O.P. Stock colors in molded gel-coat are O.D. green, black and tan, or dark gray and white. Swivel studs installed at customer’s request. Holland super stud in forend. Barrel contours available: Douglas number 4 through Remington Varmint. Lengths to 26 inches on heavier contours. Barrels polished or glass beaded. Options: Muzzle brakes, Tuff-Coated barrel, and Holland Custom Mounts.

Many people ask why a Holland Custom Rifle over another brand; the answer is simple. Darrell Holland has hunted around the world and knows what it takes to get the job done. He will never sell or advise you to purchase something that he does not use himself or know for a fact that will guarantee you performance in the field. Purchase a Holland Custom Rifle and get a discount from our Exclusive Shooting School. Our experience and design separate us from the rest of the crowd!

We build one-of-a-kind dream rifles. Each rifle from start to finish is hand-crafted by Darrell Holland.


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